Located in Asheville, NC our team is committed to helping our customers solve their complex problems by developing high-quality software.

Our Experience

Electric Power Industry

Providing clean and efficient energy production takes a data and software driven approach. Efficiency Lab has been providing solutions to the electric power industry since 2000. Often the data available is so massive companies struggle to make sense of it. Efficiency Lab turns data into information, and information into tools, to create powerful and usable tools for the needs of companies large and small.


Efficiency Lab’s concentration over the past several years has been creating software for nuclear plants. Our applications are used by active power plants around the world. Having created a diverse portfolio of applications for nuclear power Efficiency Lab stands as a leader in the creation of necessary tools for nuclear power.


Efficiency Lab utilizes the most sophisticated safety and security protocols to host its products and deliver them to our clients. Efficiency Lab has been hired by electric companies and software creators alike to shepherd applications through the safety security process. We take our commitment to safety very seriously and host all of our applications in the most secure environment. Contact us to see how we can offer you a custom application hosting solution.


Identifying solutions and ways to improve them, Efficiency Lab looks forward to improving processes and the prevention of loss. Additionally, identifying historical challenges and ways in which companies have addressed these challenges provides cost saving operational data usable to identify ways in which processes can be improved.